phpBB Extension - User Feedback for phpBB

phpBB Extension 3.1.x - User Feedback for phpBB

This phpBB extension enables registered users to insert feedback about other users (similar to eBay feedback system or iTrader for vBulletin).

This extension is compatible with phpBB 3.1.x, if you’re looking for phpBB 3.0.x check the previous ShMk User Feedback MOD.

Current version: 1.1.0

Main features


  • Positive, negative or neutral feedback;
  • User role in transaction;
  • Weighted score system;
  • Direct link to topic related to transaction;
  • Feedback comments with support for BBCode and smilies;
  • Add, edit and delete feedback;
  • Notification via PM on new feedback;
  • Direct link to user feedback in user posts and profile;
  • Best/Worst users list;
  • Pagination of feedback details;
  • And much more…


  • Manage feedback from ACP or feedback page;
  • Set extension specific permissions for users, moderators and administrators;
  • Control IPs to avoid scams;
  • Set anti-flood time range to avoid multiple inserts in short time;
  • Enable/disable the weighted score system;
  • Choose weight of positive, negative and neutral feedback in the scoring system;
  • Enable/disable the insertion of a linked topic and make it needed/optional;
  • Set that linked topic has to be started by one of the users involved in the transaction;
  • Set that linked topic has to be inside specific forums;
  • Enable/disable the user role;
  • Set the minimum and maximum length of comments;
  • Enable/disable BBCode, smilies and magic URLs in comments;
  • Enable/disable the ability to insert more than a feedback per user;
  • Ability to use pagination and choose how many feedbacks to show per page;
  • And a lot of other settings to fit website needs…

Screenshots (version 1.1.0)


Available only on request for selected customers.

If you want to help the development of this phpBB Extension, please send a donation

5 comments on phpBB Extension 3.1.x – User Feedback for phpBB

  1. Hello there, this is the exact plugin i am needing for my phpBB site. I have been working on a test site as i been testing some extensions for mods. I am not sure if you’re offering this for free or selling, but I am interested.

    1. Hello Joe, at this stage the extension is not officially released but send me an email 😉

  2. Hey Riccardo, just an update after using this for a few months; well, actually longer but as an extension now.
    This has been working very well with 3.1.x and doing some testing with 3.2 and seems to be good. Just some minor template changes to use font awesome.

    1. It’s not officially tested on 3.2.x but some customers has installed it on their 3.2.x phpBB and it still working as expected 😉

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