phpBB MOD: ShMk User Feedback

phpBB MOD 3.0.x - ShMk User Feedback

If you’re looking for a phpBB 3.1.x extension have a look at User Feedback for phpBB.

This phpBB 3.0.x MOD allows registered users to add a feedback about other users (similar to eBay feedback system or iTrader for vBulletin).

Last version: 1.0.7

Main features


  • Positive, neutral, negative feedback;
  • User role in transaction;
  • Weighted score system;
  • Link to topic directly in the feedback;
  • Feedback comments with BBCode and smilies;
  • Add, edit and delete feedback;
  • Notification via PM on new feedback add;
  • Direct link to feedback in posts and user profile;
  • Best/Worst users list;
  • And so much more…


  • Can manage inserted feedback from the ACP or directly from the feedback page;
  • Can choose user and moderator permissions for groups or single users;
  • Can control IPs for avoiding scams;
  • Can set an anti-flood time range for avoiding multiple inserts in a short time;
  • Can enable/disable the score system;
  • Can choose the weight of positive, negative, neutral feedback in the scoring system;
  • Can enable/disable the insert of a linked topic and make it needed/optional;
  • Can set that linked topic has to be started by one of the users involved;
  • Can set that linked topic has to be inside specific forums;
  • Can enable/disable the user role;
  • Can set the minimum and maximum length of comments;
  • Can enable/disable BBCode, smilies and magic urls in comments;
  • Can enable/disable the ability to insert more than a feedback per user;
  • And a lot more settings to edit for fitting website needs…

It contains also the modifications for these templates:

  • Prosilver
  • Subsilver2
  • AcidTech
  • Avalon

Screenshots (version 1.0.6)


phpBB MOD – ShMk User Feedback 1.0.7

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